book review

Red Queen

by Victoria Aveyard

Length: 383 pages 

Published: February 10th 2015 by HarperTeen

Medium of Book Consumption: paperback


The Rundown:

Silver bloods are better than the Red bloods in status and humanity. Silvers have abilities, some can manipulate water, fire, and even minds.  Due to their unremarkable being, Reds are forever second class, used by the Silvers as soldiers and servants.  

Mare is a thief and a Red. She’s going to the battlefront soon, just like her brothers before. Her life changes when she meets a stranger and is suddenly assigned servant to the Silvers. As Mare tries to settle into her new life she finds out that she too has abilities. She can manipulate electricity.

Her blood still runs red, but does her new found power give Reds everywhere a new advantage in a potential uprising on a war on status?

What I Thought:

So this book came highly recommended to me by a friend and after four months of it sitting on my TBR pile I finally picked it up.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was elated when I started reading. I really liked Hunger Games but Red Queen completely surpassed it in my opinion. This book had me totally sucked in with the bad girl Mare at the helm. This chick is the more delinquent, sure-footed version of Katniss.  I really enjoyed the Game of Thrones undertone to it.  When I read the quote “Anyone can betray anyone,” I shook the book trying to get Little Finger to come out of the pages he was clearly hiding in.  I honestly can’t wait to grab Glass Sword and see happens to the “little lightening girl”.


5/5 Stars

Recommended To:

  • Anyone that wants a lighter version of A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Fans of Hunger Games
  • Fans of X-Men
  • A darker YA that doesn’t involve vampires or dystopian future



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