book review

The Couple Next Door

by Shari Lapena

Length: 308 pages
Published: August 23rd 2016 by Pamela Dorman Books
Medium of Book Consumption: hardcover

The Rundown:

Anne and Marco Conti attend a dinner party next door, leaving their six month old baby sleeping in her crib.  The Conti’s are not irresponsible, bringing a baby monitor with them and checking on their daughter every half hour.  But their world is turned inside out when they come home to find that their precious baby isn’t in her crib.

Detective Rasbach leads an intense investigation uncovering lies that become clues, and doubts that any person is truly innocent.

What I Thought:

My year of thrillers continues, and up next was The Couple Next Door.  I read this in one sitting, I was completely engrossed only getting up to pee and grab a soda.  It was definitely the most fast paced of the thrillers I’ve read this year, and I find that both good and bad.  As much as I love reading a book so quickly, when I finish it feels like a dream.  Did I really read all that in 3 hours?  Where am I?  What happened?  I had to skim through the book a bit before I wrote this to remind myself of names and other details.  I could definitely seeing this made into a Lifetime made for T.V. movie, and you know what?  I’d still watch it.  I am a sucker for those.

giphy (1)

4/5 Stars

Recommended to:

  • Fans of Gillian Flynn
  • Need a beach read
  • Need a travel read (plane, train, automobile)
  • If you watch too much Law and Order

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