book review


by Lauren Oliver

Length: 520 pages
Published: October 4th 2016 by HarperCollins
Medium of Consumption: paperback

The Rundown:

Lyra only knows the world of Haven research facility. Surrounded by doctors, replicas and a strict regimen of medicines, her days are predictable and monotonous.  But the world she knows disappears when an explosion rips through the institute leaving nothing but charred remains.  Only her and another replica, a boy with only a number and no name, 72 survive.  In the marshes surrounding the remnants, they meet two people from the outside world who have come to find answers about Haven’s secrets.  

Gemma has always been sickly, and her wealthy over protective parents have forced her into a sheltered life.  When she decides to run away to join her best friend in Florida for spring break she hears disturbing news about an explosion at Haven research facility.  She knows very little about the place but over heard her father talking about it late one night and when she investigated it online found a slew of conspiracy theories about the happenings there.  Gemma decides to check it out herself and teams up with the son of the leader of Haven’s main conspiracy site to visit the island.  What they find is there are truths to some of these beliefs.  

What they find is that Haven has been making clones.

Lyra and Gemma’s stories intertwine together, finding out terrible things done to people who have tried to expose Haven.  They are being followed now.  They fear that each move they make could be their last.  

What I Thought:

First of all, I’d like to point out the unique set up of this book.  There are two sides to this book, and it doesn’t matter which side you read first.  I started with Lyra’s side and then flipped it over for Gemma’s.  There are the same amount of chapters that coincide with one another, so you could also switch sides every chapter!

You know how they say fact is scarier than fiction?  That’s how I felt reading this book.  Science is so fascinating but so frightening, where is the moral line drawn?  I somehow felt way more engrossed in Gemma’s side.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a clone and didn’t connect that well to Lyra in an emotional sense.  I loved how both sides did their jobs in uncovering mysteries about Haven and will definitely pick up the sequel this October.


4/5 Stars

Recommended To:

  • YA readers
  • If you like conspiracy stuff

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